January 2019 Minutes

Trustees present: Jake Biesanz, Carol Ehlinger, Mike Hansen, Don Nitti, Will Gibson

Maureen Speltz


Trustees absent: Fr. Berning, Fr. Arens, Dan Arnold, Jeanne Franz, Paul Morgan, Ted Reilly, Sandi Blank, Fr. McNea


Others present:  Steven McGlaun, Sr. Judy Schaefer, Sue Savat


The meeting was called to order by President Mike Hansen at 7:00 pm.


Due to a lack of quorum, secretary’s and treasurer’s reports will be approved at the next meeting.


Fr. Jim has been reassigned to Rochester so St. Mary’s Parish is without a priest representative at this time.


Schools update

Sr. Judy spoke to the group about the current situation of international student enrollment at Cotter. Nationally, international student enrollment is down 43% from 2016. Historically, Cotter draws about 8% of the market of Minnesota international students. Due to the decline in overall international students Cotter is working to capture a larger percentage of the market. A larger percentage of currently enrolled international students will be graduating in the spring. Locally, Cotter has a 14% share of local students (over the national average of 10% for private schools). Additional written comments from Sr. Judy were shared with the board and are attached to the minutes.


Pat Bowlin was unavailable for the meeting, but had sent a written report that was available to the board members and is attached to the minutes.


Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report showed a loss in December.  The markets were not good.


Annual Appeal

The Annual Appeal is coming to an end.  Steven McGlaun presented a list of donors from last year who have not responded this year.  The board was asked to take names of people they knew and make a gentle reminder call.   Cotter’s hard deadline is Feb. 4 but it was discussed that CSF could continue to receive gifts for the appeal after that deadline.


Board Workgroups

Discussion was held regarding the organization of the board.  Working groups were planned to focus our attention on the major activities of CSF:

Annual Appeal

CSF dinner

Fr. Paul Nelson Legacy Society

Recruiting and Onboarding of New Members


Mike will work with members for working group assignments and will be scheduling a working meeting for all groups.


Legacy Award

We need to be looking for nominees for the Legacy Award.  Steven will pass along to Mike the list of part nominees.


Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for MONDAY, APRIL 15, due to the normal meeting date falling on Holy Thursday. A request was made to try a different evening.


The executive board will set a meeting midpoint between board meetings.



Respectfully submitted, Maureen Speltz

October 2018 Minutes

Trustees present:  Carol Ehlinger, Don Nitti, Sandi Blank,  Rev. Arens,  Will Gibson,  Paul Morgan,  Mike Hansen,  Maureen Speltz


Trustees absent:  Jake Biesanz, Dan Arnold, Jeanne Franz, Rev Berning, Ted Reilly


Others present:  Sr. Judith Schaeffer, Pat Bowlin, Steven McGlaun, Sue Savat


Father Arens opened the meeting with prayer.


Minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Motion by Sandi, second by Paul.


Approval of the agenda was moved by Carol, second by Will.


School updates

Sr. Judy presented events going on at Cotter.  Founder’s Day was celebrated with a vignette at the cemetery.  Sr. Judy interviewed Bishop Heffron/ Steve McGlaun and Bishop Cotter/Mark Roeckers about the origins of Cotter High School. Cotter’s speech team received recognition as being in the top 20% of national debater teams. In soccer, though the girls did not go as far as they hoped to, the coach, Marie Barrientos, was named Coach of the Year in Minnesota. Cotter’s ACT test scores are in and Cotter students averaged above the state average.


Pat Bowlin spoke about WACS.  The Readathon was a great success this year. WACS enrollment is 52 students above last year’s total.  The preschool offering this year includes 4 sections in the morning, and one afternoon.  Morning is much more popular. The WACS Halloween party is this Saturday.


Treasurer’s report

Financial statements were presented showing last year’s income and expense for WACS and Cotter.  Cotter shows a deficit, mainly due to the lower number of international students.  WACS also shows a deficit.


Sue then presented the results of the audit from June 30,2018.  In the last year, CSF took a loss in selling REIT shares. The auditing group found control deficiencies in our operation.  As this is due to the small number of trustees, little can be done.  New accounting procedures are in the works, and Sue will keep us apprised as they go into effect.


Motion to accept the audit made by Paul, and seconded by Don.


New Business

Annual appeal

The annual appeal this year will be from November 5, 2018 until February 4, 2019. Our theme this year is “Connect, Believe, Invest”. This year, WACS, Cotter, and CSF will have a joint appeal. Mailings will go out early November.  Mike and Steven gave an explanation and discussion of the work being done. Cotter has new computer capabilities and will be able to give lists of donors to specific schools. Cotter will be contacting all Cotter grads since 1960. Donors may give to a specific cause, or to a general fund that will be shared by the three. Donors may use the mail or donate online on the Cotter website. Mike stressed the need for every one of the trustees to be out talking to people about the appeal and find ways to spread the word about what we are doing in the Catholic Schools.


Father Paul Nelson Society

Mike told the trustees that new material was needed to promote this method of giving and Steven and Ted Biesanz are working on developing that material.  As trustees, we need to be more proactive in recruiting new donors.


Baptism fund

Pat shared an idea that he has to invite families with recently baptized children to consider WACS for the child’s ongoing education by setting up “accounts” for families. Using this method of drawing attention to our schools was discussed.  There are many ideas about how to work with this idea. 1) Sending letters to new parents “You have an account with WACS” 2) Giving a voucher to use when enrolling.  We will continue to discuss this.


Executive Board Meeting will be held December 6, 2018 at 7am in the Cotter Board Room.


Next regular board meeting will be January 17, 2019.


Motion to adjourn made by Will, second by Sandi.


Respectfully submitted    Maureen Speltz

July 2018 Minutes

Trustees present: Jake Biesanz, Carol Ehlinger, Mike Hansen, Paul Morgan, Ted Reilly, Sandi Blank, Maureen Speltz


Trustees absent: Fr. Berning, Dan Arnold, Will Gibson, Jeanne Franz, Msgr Hargesheimer, Barb Pozanc


Others present:  Steven McGlaun, Pat Bowlin, Sue Savat


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.   The meeting began with a prayer offered by Fr. McNae.


The minutes of the last meeting were approved, with a correction in the Treasurer’s report.  The amount of $120,000.00 was recommended by the financial committee for the preliminary advance to the schools, not $120.00.  Motion by Ted, second by Carol.


The agenda was approved for this meeting.  Motion by Paul, second by Sandi.


Schools update

Mike introduced Steven McGlaun, Cotter Schools Director of Development.  He will work with our board as our liaison to Cotter and will represent Sr. Judy at our meetings.

Cotter’s update was presented by Steven. He also told the board that Eric Christianson has been hired by Cotter to work on International Recruiting and Alumnae Affairs.  He will be based in the Twin Cities, but will spend several days a week in Winona.

Pat Bowlin spoke to the group about the changes at WACS.  Progress is being made in remodeling the two schools in order to accommodate the larger classes anticipated in the fall.  He was most pleased with the retention of most of our families and the growth in new families.  Enrollment is at 445, there will be 4 kindergartens and new teachers have been hired.


Transition of Board Members

Mike reviewed the end of each board member’s term. Barb Pozanc’s term has ended. Discussion followed, relating to end of term for those who had stepped in to fill a vacant spot.  A nominating committee will be formed to suggest candidates for filling open slots.

Final distribution

Sue presented the thoughts of the Finance Committee regarding the final distributions to the schools.  Numbers were given for varying percentages, and the finance council recommended a 4% distribution:  total donation to schools then being $247,000.00.  The motion to accept was made by Paul, second by Sandi.

A lively discussion followed, fueled by a question from Jake.  There are several endowed accounts for Cotter. Education regarding defining each and the role they play in Cotter’s budget is needed. Many activities/funds are out of our jurisdiction, and while this board does not control those other accounts, we do have means to direct a specific fund to a designated cause.  A donation specified for WACS would be held in that account. Funding received by WACS from the area parishes was also discussed.

Executive Board Meeting

The executive board will meet 6 weeks after the regular meeting at 7 am, Friday mornings.


Next meeting will be October 11, changed due to MEA week.   Finance committee meeting will be at 6:00 pm prior to the Board meeting at 7:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted, Maureen Speltz


October ’15 Meeting Minutes

Catholic Schools Foundation of Winona, MN Inc.

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2015


  1. Jamie Hansen called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. with Msgr. Tom Hargersheimer leading the group in prayer.
  2. Attendance:
  1. Trustee’s Present: Amanda Weifenbach, Sandi Blank, Jamie Hansen, Carol Ehlinger, Barb Pozanc, Msgr. Hargersheimer, Ted Biesanz, Ted Reilly, Fr. Berning
  2. Trustee’s Absent:   Dan Arnold, Msgr. Colletti, Maureen Speltz, Jeanne Franz, Paul Morgan
  3. Ex-Officio/Non-voting members Present: Sue Savat, Sr. Judith Schaefer and Pat Bowlin
  4. d.   Ex-Officio/Non-voting members absent:   None
  1. Agenda: Upon motion dually made and seconded unanimously approved agenda. Discussion: None.
  2. Minutes: To be approved at later date. Not available.
  3. Opening Business:
  1. Schools Update
    1. Pat – WACS
  • Great year underway
  • K-6 Enrollment up 20 students, Preschool down slightly but that may have to do with record high enrollment from last year.
  • Homecoming week has been full of excitement and collaboration with High School
  • Successful Read-a-Thon raised over $15,000 with 90% participation from student body.
  • 2 new hires have hit the ground running and are making positive contributions to the school
  • Word of mouth has proven to be the best form of advertisement.
    1. Sr. Judy – Cotter
  • Mid Term already
  • Official opening of new doors for the new gym was Monday
  • Nov 19th is Founders Day and Governor Dayton will be joining celebration to recognize five men from Hiawatha Education
  • Academically exceeding expectations with 12 AP scholars, 1 National Merit Semi Finalist, 9 AP scholars, 2 with distinction, and 1 w honors
  • Send off for the Swim Team members that left for Tru Team
  • 350 students enrolled for the year, this is actually up about 10 students from projections even though we are in a declining enrollment period
  • Partnership with Unesco, introduced by Scott Hannon, provided a strategic maintenance plan and overview of facilities.-Square feet of space per student is also way out of line with State averages and recommendations
  • -Age of buildings for Cotter way out of line with State averages
  • Sr. Judy will be heading to China in Nov
  • Mandi Olson is heading to Vietnam- recruiting effort for boarding students
  1. Treasure’s Report – Sue Savat
    1. Covered updated financial reports see attachments
    2. Distribution of the Audited Financial Statement and Auditors Communications was handed out.
  • Not much change from year to year.
  • Did note that if HBC were to sell the company, this is simply rumor, there would be a significant tax gain that would be recognized by CSF. There is Net Operating Loss carryover that can be used to offset some of the gain, but it is something that Trustees need to keep in mind could become an expense.
  • Investment policy change that was made was noted on pg 17
  • In the Auditors Communications it was again – as always – noted that due to our size we lack segregation of duties. We do make sure to do what we can in this area to avoid any potential problems.
  • Motion was dually made and seconded to approve both the audited Financial Statements and Auditors Communications and was unanimously approved.
  1. Devlopment Office Update – Sr. Judy
    1. Update on hiring of new Development Director – still in process next step is to advertise regionally
    2. CEW Annual Appeal – CEW (Catholic Education Winona) Development Office will be conducting an annual appeal in late November early Decemeber participants being given the option to fund CSF, WACS, Cotter, or combined. Distribution of combined funds will be determined at a later date.
    3. Looking to re energize the Catholic Educaiton Winona Advisory Council
    4. Discussion of Blackbod breakdown of donors and leveling. Sr. Judy will be taking Top 150 donors to personally present options for their contributions and implement an individual one ask type program. This is still in the initial phases.
    5. CEW Development Office needs to know what CSF needs and expects from them on a monthly and ongoing basis. Discussion was had as to keeping website up to date, uploading minutes and reports, secretarial duties, FPNLS and will continue to be an ongoing discussion.



  1. New Business:


    1. Trustee Clustering
  • Ted Biesanz distributed the updated contact list and proposed by law change
  • Per Jamie’s suggestion looking at amending the by laws to cluster St Johns/St Stans and Cathedral/ St. Casmir opening up 2 more at large trustee positions.
  • Discussion was had about one parish potentially dominating the voting, did not feel for this group that should be of concern as no real advantage/disadvantage from a parish perspective. Just wanting to get the best people in place to serve and with the smaller parishes harder to find willing folks.
  1. Slate of Officers


    1. Looking for a replacement representative from St. John Nepomucene to replace Amanda Weifenbach – will also need a secretary. Amanda has agreed to stay on until replacement has been found.
    2. Discussion was that this position could potentially be taken over by a CEW Advancement employee

iii. FPNLS/CSF Dinner

        1. FPNLS looking for chair – hoping that this a piece the new CEW Development Director will undertake with their position
        2. CSF Dinner – looking to expand the income generated from this event with the loss of the Thanksgiving Annual Appeal. Welcoming new ideas and individuals to be involved.
  • Discussion of adding a “Red Carpet” feel by increasing the number of awards given at the event
  • Will verify that date is set for Friday, June 3, 2016 at Visions Event Center.
  1. Annual Report – needs to be created and made available electronically at the very least. In the past paper copy had been sent with Thanksgiving Appeal information.


  1.  Comments from the Floor: None
  2. Next Monthly Meeting scheduled for November 12th, 2015 at 7:30 am.
  3. Next Trustees Meeting scheduled for January 14, 2016 at 7:00 pm with Investment Committee meeting before hand at 6:15 pm.
  4. Adjournment: Barb Pozanc moved to adjourn at 8:21 pm with 2nd from The Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Weifenbach

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