President’s Report

While working on various projects and responsibilities associated with CSF, I find myself frequently reflecting on our simple but powerful mission statement which is: “To promote the continued success, viability and availability of Catholic Schools Education for Winona.”

While we are a separate, independent, legal entity from WACS (Winona Area Catholic Schools) and Cotter, our mission is to provide continued financial support to the Catholic Schools in Winona Pre-K through 12th grade.

As you review the CSF Financial Summary in this mailing, including the Foundation distribution to our schools this past year, please know that none of this would be possible without the continued financial support from all of you.  We were once again blessed by many gifts, both current and deferred gifts through the Father Paul    Nelson Legacy Society. 

This October, CSF held a strategic planning meeting attended by our current board and guests who have long supported our Catholic Schools, some even from the group of original incorporators and first Board of Trustee’s. One unanimous recommendation, coming from the group, is that we continue to grow, and become an even greater resource for Catholic education in the Winona Area.  We continue to value your partnership with us as we support our schools and kids far into the future. 



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Tim Dalton

Catholic Schools Foundation President

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