October 2018 Minutes

Trustees present:  Carol Ehlinger, Don Nitti, Sandi Blank,  Rev. Arens,  Will Gibson,  Paul Morgan,  Mike Hansen,  Maureen Speltz


Trustees absent:  Jake Biesanz, Dan Arnold, Jeanne Franz, Rev Berning, Ted Reilly


Others present:  Sr. Judith Schaeffer, Pat Bowlin, Steven McGlaun, Sue Savat


Father Arens opened the meeting with prayer.


Minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Motion by Sandi, second by Paul.


Approval of the agenda was moved by Carol, second by Will.


School updates

Sr. Judy presented events going on at Cotter.  Founder’s Day was celebrated with a vignette at the cemetery.  Sr. Judy interviewed Bishop Heffron/ Steve McGlaun and Bishop Cotter/Mark Roeckers about the origins of Cotter High School. Cotter’s speech team received recognition as being in the top 20% of national debater teams. In soccer, though the girls did not go as far as they hoped to, the coach, Marie Barrientos, was named Coach of the Year in Minnesota. Cotter’s ACT test scores are in and Cotter students averaged above the state average.


Pat Bowlin spoke about WACS.  The Readathon was a great success this year. WACS enrollment is 52 students above last year’s total.  The preschool offering this year includes 4 sections in the morning, and one afternoon.  Morning is much more popular. The WACS Halloween party is this Saturday.


Treasurer’s report

Financial statements were presented showing last year’s income and expense for WACS and Cotter.  Cotter shows a deficit, mainly due to the lower number of international students.  WACS also shows a deficit.


Sue then presented the results of the audit from June 30,2018.  In the last year, CSF took a loss in selling REIT shares. The auditing group found control deficiencies in our operation.  As this is due to the small number of trustees, little can be done.  New accounting procedures are in the works, and Sue will keep us apprised as they go into effect.


Motion to accept the audit made by Paul, and seconded by Don.


New Business

Annual appeal

The annual appeal this year will be from November 5, 2018 until February 4, 2019. Our theme this year is “Connect, Believe, Invest”. This year, WACS, Cotter, and CSF will have a joint appeal. Mailings will go out early November.  Mike and Steven gave an explanation and discussion of the work being done. Cotter has new computer capabilities and will be able to give lists of donors to specific schools. Cotter will be contacting all Cotter grads since 1960. Donors may give to a specific cause, or to a general fund that will be shared by the three. Donors may use the mail or donate online on the Cotter website. Mike stressed the need for every one of the trustees to be out talking to people about the appeal and find ways to spread the word about what we are doing in the Catholic Schools.


Father Paul Nelson Society

Mike told the trustees that new material was needed to promote this method of giving and Steven and Ted Biesanz are working on developing that material.  As trustees, we need to be more proactive in recruiting new donors.


Baptism fund

Pat shared an idea that he has to invite families with recently baptized children to consider WACS for the child’s ongoing education by setting up “accounts” for families. Using this method of drawing attention to our schools was discussed.  There are many ideas about how to work with this idea. 1) Sending letters to new parents “You have an account with WACS” 2) Giving a voucher to use when enrolling.  We will continue to discuss this.


Executive Board Meeting will be held December 6, 2018 at 7am in the Cotter Board Room.


Next regular board meeting will be January 17, 2019.


Motion to adjourn made by Will, second by Sandi.


Respectfully submitted    Maureen Speltz

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