July 2018 Minutes

Trustees present: Jake Biesanz, Carol Ehlinger, Mike Hansen, Paul Morgan, Ted Reilly, Sandi Blank, Maureen Speltz


Trustees absent: Fr. Berning, Dan Arnold, Will Gibson, Jeanne Franz, Msgr Hargesheimer, Barb Pozanc


Others present:  Steven McGlaun, Pat Bowlin, Sue Savat


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.   The meeting began with a prayer offered by Fr. McNae.


The minutes of the last meeting were approved, with a correction in the Treasurer’s report.  The amount of $120,000.00 was recommended by the financial committee for the preliminary advance to the schools, not $120.00.  Motion by Ted, second by Carol.


The agenda was approved for this meeting.  Motion by Paul, second by Sandi.


Schools update

Mike introduced Steven McGlaun, Cotter Schools Director of Development.  He will work with our board as our liaison to Cotter and will represent Sr. Judy at our meetings.

Cotter’s update was presented by Steven. He also told the board that Eric Christianson has been hired by Cotter to work on International Recruiting and Alumnae Affairs.  He will be based in the Twin Cities, but will spend several days a week in Winona.

Pat Bowlin spoke to the group about the changes at WACS.  Progress is being made in remodeling the two schools in order to accommodate the larger classes anticipated in the fall.  He was most pleased with the retention of most of our families and the growth in new families.  Enrollment is at 445, there will be 4 kindergartens and new teachers have been hired.


Transition of Board Members

Mike reviewed the end of each board member’s term. Barb Pozanc’s term has ended. Discussion followed, relating to end of term for those who had stepped in to fill a vacant spot.  A nominating committee will be formed to suggest candidates for filling open slots.

Final distribution

Sue presented the thoughts of the Finance Committee regarding the final distributions to the schools.  Numbers were given for varying percentages, and the finance council recommended a 4% distribution:  total donation to schools then being $247,000.00.  The motion to accept was made by Paul, second by Sandi.

A lively discussion followed, fueled by a question from Jake.  There are several endowed accounts for Cotter. Education regarding defining each and the role they play in Cotter’s budget is needed. Many activities/funds are out of our jurisdiction, and while this board does not control those other accounts, we do have means to direct a specific fund to a designated cause.  A donation specified for WACS would be held in that account. Funding received by WACS from the area parishes was also discussed.

Executive Board Meeting

The executive board will meet 6 weeks after the regular meeting at 7 am, Friday mornings.


Next meeting will be October 11, changed due to MEA week.   Finance committee meeting will be at 6:00 pm prior to the Board meeting at 7:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted, Maureen Speltz


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